HODGEPOD is an improv comedy podcast based out of San Antonio, TX. Join Chris and Ryan as they talk with local improvisers and at any moment when inspiration strikes an improv scene can begin! The players end with a longform improv narrative and sometimes have music in house or in post to give flavor to each episode. Laugh along with us as we share our love for improv and comedy as a whole. Strong language used.

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3 days ago

Hello and welcome back to HODGEPOD! This time around we have special guest Sawyer Wade. Improv comedian, and author Sawyer shares with us the process of creating his first book, and his future plans as he makes his way to Chicago. Join us for a complete hour of conversation and improvised comedy scenes. We talk and joke about Michael myers, bow wow yo yippie yay, the city of brotherly love, skin puppets, sometimes just the weiner is fine, joke thievery, yo mama, mail order husbands and much more! Check out more from Sawyer Wade @sawyerwithanaww and www.sawyerwithanaww.com to find more information on his book The Very Hungry Donner Party. We wish Sawyer the best in Chicago and can't wait to see him again. Stay tuner part 2 where we do the longest improv narrative ever with Sawyer. for everything else follow @scramt.v

Monday Apr 22, 2024

Hello and welcome back to HODGEPOD- an improv comedy podcast based out of San Antonio, Tx. This time around Chris, Ryan, and Mitch are just hanging out and talking about everything and anything. We talk and joke about, the titanic, carnivals, gravity bongs, vhs tapes, ren fairs, hecklers, turkey legs, can you cook? do you make savories? got any morgue advice? a man is a man, spider tooie and we wrap up our show with a dungeon and dragons inspired long form narrative at the end. Thanks for listening. You can check out more from us at linktr.ee/cris402001 

Wednesday Jan 17, 2024

Hello and welcome back to HODGEPOD!!! The improv comedy podcast based out of San Antonio, TX. This time around Christian and Ryan are joined with our special guest David Donnel! David is a local improviser in San Antonio Texas. He is the rules lawyer in Monsternomicon and one of the performers, and writers for the Big Toe Sketch Show. Check him out @monsternomicon and @bigtoegangcomedy on instagram. We laugh and joke about graduating, being yound and being up to no good, getting kicked out of bars, narcs, horsing around, beef jerky, vhs tapes, living where you work and so much more!  please follow @scramt.v and check out @bigtoegangcomedy to see more of Chris, Ryan, Mitch, and David!

Tuesday Nov 28, 2023

Welcome back !! This time around Chris and Mitch are joined by special guest Jason Vanslyke. Jason is the go to man for puppet knowledge. He has performed puppet improv comedy countless times around San Antonio and is one of our comedy buddies that we enjoy talking to. We pick Jason's brain and laugh and joke about puppet purists, Selena Fan club, famous murders, batman villians, chachos gun fights, the ghost of iceman, it's fine, doors opening, don't meet your heroes, trips to L.A and we pull back some curtains!!! Follow Jason @feltheadpuppets and also @bigtoegangcomedy to see his most recent work contributing to the big toe sketch show in San Antonio, TX. We hope to have Jason back on soon!!! thanks for listening! as always follow @scramt.v to stay up to date on more shenanigans! 

Sunday Nov 12, 2023

Hello and welcome back to HODGEPOD! this time around Chris and Ryan are joined with Javier and Daniel!! Both Javier and Daniel are improvisers who help the improv community in various ways. Javier is great with sound and tech. Daniel's photography is super awesome. Both are members of S.O.C.K.S improv. We get real wild in this episode. We talk and joke about HR. Giger, Halo, weird lunches, job resumes, job interviews, monkey brains, puffer fish, and living on the edge. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more episodes. as always make sure to follow @scramt.v on instagram to stay up to date on future content. Thanks! 

HODGEPOD-14-Peaky Blindead

Saturday Oct 21, 2023

Saturday Oct 21, 2023

Hello there and welcome back to another episode of HODGEPOD. This time around we have Mitch,Ryan, and Chris with very special guest Marybeth Duplant! Marybeth is one of our favorite local improv comedy performers! Marybeth slays as Dot in Monsternomicon. You can follow Marybeth @marybeth.duplant on instagram and find out more about Monsternomicon at monsternomicon - Official Twitch, Instagram - Linktree . In this episode we laugh and joke about Chris never being on a plane before, schemes,ghosts,possession, Joan of Arc, Acorns, and Halloween and so much more. Sit back and relax as we get to do improv comedy with a good friend of ours. check out @scram.tv on instagram to stay up to date on HODGEPOD shenanigans. Shout out to our Patron Ben L. You could of got this episode way earlier by joining our Patreon at www.patreon.com/scramtv

HODGEPOD-13-Work Life Balance

Saturday Oct 07, 2023

Saturday Oct 07, 2023

Welcome back to HODGEPOD! this time around we Chris and Rina are joined by local improvisers Nick MIller, and Andrew Sorgenfrei!! We laugh and joke about, extreme sports, metal concerts, army father in laws, taking care of yourself, dance dance revolution, therapy and a whole bunch of other stuff brother! come hang with us and relax and laugh along as we do improv scenes and wrap it up with a long form narrative at the end. You can check out what Nick is working on at his youtube channel https://youtu.be/8tJf0_X2Om0?si=pevzzcyVg0FPWUhJ . You can follow Andrew @crimzin_andy and follow Rina @anxietyc0re . make sure to follow @scramt.v to stay up to date on HODGEPOD news along with other content. to get episodes early check out our patreon at www.patreon.com/scramtv 

Sunday Oct 01, 2023

Hola y bienvenidos al primer episodio de HODGEPOD en español. Este espectáculo es para adultos maduros. Estamos basados en San Antonio, Texas. S.O.C.K.S improv es un nuevo equipo de comedia de improvisación en la ciudad y están entusiasmados de continuar llevando el idioma español a la comunidad de comedia de improvisación. Hoy nos acompañan Javier y Daniel de S.O.C.K.S improv como nuestros invitados. Nos conocemos un poco y hablamos sobre nuestro día. Luego hacemos algunas escenas de comedia de improvisación basadas en nuestra conversación. Utilizamos efectos de sonido y música en la postproducción para establecer la escena. Disfruta puedes seguir a S. O.C.K.S en https://www.facebook.com/groups/1330194007603707/permalink/1330358754253899/ y tambien @socksimprov en instagram. Advertencia Lenguaje explícito utilizado. HODGEPOD no representa @socksimprov. HODGEPOD está ayudando a difundir la palabra de la improvisación de S.O.C.K.S, así que por favor deje que sus amigos que hablan español comprueben esto y @socksimprov sigan. Gracias por escuchar. hasta la próxima.

Thursday Sep 14, 2023

(for mature audiences) It's Chris, Ryan, and Mitch again!! this episode gets wild bro!!! we talk and joke about the modern day adult novelty store, gacha stickers, videos games, coffee bar bathrooms, black box performance art, pine cones are free!, scifi movie directors, arcades, and more!!! check out more content @scramt.v on instagram and check out the scramt.v youtube channel here! https://youtu.be/XL7iZtji8b8?si=R4KezhkVk9fvLbmA thanks for listening!

Tuesday Aug 29, 2023

Hello and welcome back to HODGEPOD!! This time around we have just the guys hanging out and joking around. Mitch, Ryan, and Chris talk and joke about you know "guy stuff". We talk about creating weird merch, finding weird stuff in the woods at a young age, going into the parents basement, a hardbound tome, the adventures of biscuit and gummy, working fast food joints, and texas street pizzas! we get real crazy in this episode and let loose. Enjoy! until next time! make sure to follow us @scramt.v on instagram for more info and our youtube channel at https://youtu.be/XL7iZtji8b8?si=ZOOkGNcNnXvgwS60

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