HODGEPOD is an improv comedy podcast based out of San Antonio, TX. Join Chris and Ryan as they talk with local improvisers and at any moment when inspiration strikes an improv scene can begin! The players end with a longform improv narrative and sometimes have music in house or in post to give flavor to each episode. Laugh along with us as we share our love for improv and comedy as a whole. Strong language used.

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Tuesday Aug 29, 2023

Hello and welcome back to HODGEPOD!! This time around we have just the guys hanging out and joking around. Mitch, Ryan, and Chris talk and joke about you know "guy stuff". We talk about creating weird merch, finding weird stuff in the woods at a young age, going into the parents basement, a hardbound tome, the adventures of biscuit and gummy, working fast food joints, and texas street pizzas! we get real crazy in this episode and let loose. Enjoy! until next time! make sure to follow us @scramt.v on instagram for more info and our youtube channel at https://youtu.be/XL7iZtji8b8?si=ZOOkGNcNnXvgwS60

HODGEPOD-9- New Mayor in Town

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

Welcome back to HODGEPOD- the improv comedy podcast from San Antonio, Tx. This time around we got Chris, Ryan, Mitch and ofcourse Marina doing some improv and talking about everything and anything. We joke about doing the announcements, dirty cocktail names, we make fun of each other, are we allergic to anything, Ryan has the Swarts, there is a glocktopus and then we jump into a longform narrative at the end dealing with a new mayor in town! thanks for listening. make sure to follow us on instagram @scramt.v and follow the scramt.v youtube channel for more content. til next time. 

Thursday Jul 27, 2023

Hello and welcome back to HODGEPOD- this time we get to interview Crystal Jackson! Crystal is an improviser here in San Antonio and is one of our favorite people in the improv community. You can see Crystal perform in San Antonio in the show LADIES NIGHT hosted at Black Potion. All ticket info and more information can be found at www.housepartyimprov.com
Crystal is also part of the new house team at black potion called the Come UP. In this episode Christian gets to ask Crystal a variety of questions. They do some improv scenese based off their conversation and at the end do a long form improv narrative with Ryan joining us at the end. Thanks for listening. Until next time! check out the ScramT.V youtube channel for more HODGEPOD goodness. 

HODGEPOD-7- Growing Up

Monday Jul 17, 2023

Monday Jul 17, 2023

Welcome back to HODGEPOD- this time around Chris and Marina are joined by Ben and Izzy. Ben and Izzy have recently joined the San Antonio improv community and tell us a little bit about themselves and their improv journey. Both are members of the improv group JuiceBox Mafia. We talk and joke about, nursing homes, zombies, loving your pet too much, loving objects, weird living arrangements and much more! We had a blast joking around and look forward to having Ben and Izzy back on in the future.  We have the very talented Scott Bigler on guitar vibing out during this session. Check out the Scramt.v youtube channel just search @scramt.v953 to see animated visuals with the audio of the episode and check us out on Instagram. @scram.tv . thanks for listening we have more episodes in the works. 

Tuesday Jul 04, 2023

Hello there welcome back! This time around We have some of the ladies of the local San Antonio improv troube Juicebox Mafia. You can check them out on instagram at @juiceboxmafiaimprov . Natalie, Stephanie, and Kelly join Chris and Ryan for some improv shenanigans. We talk about life, love triangles, working from home, escape rooms, crazy characters, space ships and much more! Thanks for listening. check us out on youtube to see the stylized visuals of these episodes. https://youtu.be/lXwz5UG0t8o

HODGEPOD-5-Beats to Study To

Wednesday Jun 21, 2023

Wednesday Jun 21, 2023

Welcome back! Chris and Ryan were messing around with some beats that inspired this one hour longform improv session. Sit back and relax while you listen to 106.7 The Freightrain college radio. Just remember you should be studying while you are listening to this! Make sure your lips are hitting the books! check us out on youtube at https://youtu.be/XL7iZtji8b8 and also www.patreon.com/scramtv to get episodes early. 

Monday Jun 12, 2023

(for mature audiences) Hello and welcome back to HODGEPOD- this time around we have KODY as our special guest. He is an improviser. Kody is probably one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He is the person you want to have in your improv corner. A heck of a scene partner and electric on stage. We get to know Kody just a little bit and joke about, amusement parks, massages, being a young grandpa, helium shortages, and of course rap concerts. Grab a snack and some popcorn because this is one of our favorite episodes! Thanks Kody, you can see Kody in the improv group @housepartyimprov on Instagram. He performs regularly with them and on the 80's themed improv group @bellairs_tx. We love Kody and will defintely have him back on. make sure to check out the Scramt.v youtube channel to see the visuals for this episode. and check us out on patreon for more exclusive content at www.patreon.com/scramtv . Special thanks to @thedumbox for providing keyboard to this episode. 

HODGEPOD-3-Ham Radio

Sunday Jun 04, 2023

Sunday Jun 04, 2023

(for mature audiences) Hello and welcome back to HODGEPOD, an improv comedy podcast based out of San Antonio Tx. Christian and Ryan talk with local improvisers and do improv comedy scenes based off the conversation and work our way to a long form narrative towards the end. We often add music to add flavor to the episode - this week we are joined with Andre Villaplana. Andre is the creator and producer of Monsternomicon (a dungeons and dragons inspired improv comedy live show). Andre is an improviser,producer,and dungeon master. You can find out more info about Andre and his creations @monsternomicon on instagram. follow his live stream at monsternomicon - Twitch . Mitch Murphy is also a cast member of Monsternomicon, check them out! In this episode Chris, Ryan, Mitch, and Andre talk and joke about the wonders of ham radio, radiation, satellite radio, and much much more. Hope you enjoy, check out the scram t.v youtube channel here to see the visuals of this episode. @scramt.v953. 

HODGEPOD-2-Mother’s Milk

Saturday May 27, 2023

Saturday May 27, 2023

(for mature audiences) Hello and happy mother's day!!! We are back with more HODGEPOD! An improv comedy podcast based out of San Antonio, TX. Chris has a conversation with local improvisers and at any moment any one of them can initiate an improv scene. We do a montage of scenes and work our way to a long form narrative at the end of the episode based off our conversation, and most times we have music in house or in post to add flavor to the episode. This week we have Marcus Jones, of the local improv group Juice Box Mafia. Marcus is from Maryland, he enjoys improv, video games, and voice acting. We get to know Marcus just a little bit more in this episode, talk about seafood, time travel, interrogation tactics, the first thanksgiving, and so much more! We are super excited to see more of Marcus in the future. check out @juiceboxmafiaimprov on instagram. Special Thanks to Scott Bigler for playing guitar on this episode! check us out on youtube https://youtu.be/ys08v2c6B90


Friday May 19, 2023

Friday May 19, 2023

(for mature audiences, strong language used) Hello There! Welcome to Hodgepod, an improv comedy podcast based out of San Antonio, TX. Chris and Ryan along with a variety of local improv comedy performers have a conversation and at any moment the improvisers can start a montage of improv scenes, leading up to a final longform improvised narrative. Sometimes we have music in house or edit music in to add flavor to the episode. Special thanks to Ryan Q, Marina D, Mitch Murphy, and Scott Bigler.

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